Update to Lessons in gardening…

On Sunday…

…it was a gorgeous day here in Colorado — nearly 70 degrees. It was warm enough and sunny enough to make a decision about the last lingering plants outside my front door.

I haven’t been the best plant mom…

I let my herbs bloom and go to seed. I let the bud worms take over my petunias rather than use a pesticide on them.

I moved my baby tomato plant into the garage to protect it from our low overnight temperatures…but I forgot to water it. Today, I drenched it and set it out into the warm Fall sunshine, so we’ll see.

But the rest had seen their last…

Last year, I tried to move my herb garden into the house. I secured all types of tubs and liners to protect my floors and set them by the sliding door. But it was too cold there during the winter. And it didn’t get enough sun.

So I said goodbye yesterday, regretfully…

What was left of the dried and bedraggled petunias and geraniums and herbs will go out with the trash on Wednesday. I’ll let you know about the baby tomato plant (which I will back into the garage for overnights)…

How does your garden grow? Let’s talk!

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7 thoughts on “Update to Lessons in gardening…

  1. Ah….unfortunately I find myself in the same dilemma. Every spring I start off with the best of intentions and then, well life happens. Keep us posted on those tomatoes 🙂

    • Thanks, Ingrid! I’m enjoying your posts from all around Colorado…makes me extra happy to live here. P.S. Someone just asked me why I didn’t dry the herbs — a hard frost got to them before I did and they all turned bad colors. 😦

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