Was Reb Tevye also a Libra?*

*See Fiddler on the Roof…often!

I had lunch with a good friend on Friday, and we talked about her recent end-of-January birthday, which places her in the Zodiac sign Aquarius. Then she laughed and said perhaps she is a Capricorn now. That got me wondering.

I’m pretty sure I think I am still a Libra…. After all the histrionic hubbub of recent weeks about a new alignment of the Earth with other heavenly bodies, I understand the situation is well in hand; after all, say the seers, we’ve known about the world’s wobbles for thousands of years. So, despite reported changes to the 12 signs of our Zodiac, early October remains for now in the House of Libra.

A Virgo…Overnight?
When I discovered that I might have become a Virgo overnight, however, I was somewhat panicked: what are the implications of such a celestial shift? On the one hand, I am comfortable as a Libra—the balance of light and dark, good and evil, yin and yang. On the other hand, Libra’s infamous indecisiveness leaves me, well…undecided.

Is it better to stay a Libra? Or to explore the persona of a Virgo—honest, modest, practical, analytical, shy? I have no quarrel with any of these traits, although as a Libra, I am diplomatic and sociable. Yet again, Virgos are diligent and meticulous. But then, Librans are filled with kindness and grace. Virgos pay attention to detail; Librans are great hosts.

And do I really want to be a fussy worrier, a perfectionist, an overcritical Virgo? Would I prefer to become intolerant and difficult to work with? And why would I choose to leave the distinguished company of Margaret Thatcher and Mahatma Gandhi for the sign of the Virgin?

Still with a Libra?
And what about my Libran companion? As a Virgo, would he have to forgo his urbane personality, his easygoing, romantic, charming self? If we both became former Librans, could we still enjoy intelligent conversations and pursue idealistic notions?

Come to think of it, though, sometimes these conversations are more like debates; as a Libra, it seems he always needs to be right. Not only that, but there’s this demand for praise that comes across as just another self-centered Libran. He does not like being criticized and takes everything personally because he’s probably insecure. A typical Libra!

Wait a minute—
if I am a Libra…hmmm.

Librans make great friends and life mates—peaceable and compassionate, when it counts. It’s true; he can coax me out of my own self-indulgent Libran funk with little more than a smile and a glass of wine. He is bright and witty and a good friend.

Wait just another minute—
if I am a Libra…hmmm.

On balance, well, I guess I am—and always will be—a Libra. Yet, as I renew my allegiance to the Sign of the Scales, I also bow to the Virgos who are extremely trustworthy, loyal, and lifelong friends.
I know this to be true; some of my most
trusted friends are Virgos.

Wait a minute…
what if now they are Leos?

AWD March 2011


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